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After about two hours down, Portal das Financeiras is up and running again


The services of the Finance Portal were unavailable this Thursday morning for “technical reasons”. Around 12:30 pm, the website was operational again. From what the ECO found, it was not a computer attack, but the diagnosis of the problem was not yet completed.

In a statement, the Ministry of Finance said: “For technical reasons, the Finance Portal is unavailable. The Tax Authority is working to restore its operation as soon as possible”, reads the short email.

AT’s official website allows taxpayers to carry out various operations related to contributions and taxes, and provides data and statistical information.

Finance Portal unavailable. Certificate expires

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In less than two months, this is the second time that the AT website is inaccessible. On 30 November, the Ministry responsible for the Portal said that it was not a computer attack, but rather a “renewal of the digital certificates of the Finance Portal”.

For the purposes of the commitment with the Tax Authorities, the interruption of the Finance website this Thursday should not call anything into question, both for companies and individuals, given that the fiscal calendar does not foresee that Thursday will be the last day for the delivery of any documentation or payment of any tax.

The next tax responsibilities for companies are the delivery of the change declaration if they have exceeded the VAT exemption limit and the declaration of income paid or made available to non-residents. Both must be completed by the end of the month.

In the case of families and also companies, there is still the payment of the single circulation tax to be accounted for in the case of properties whose registration is in January.

(News updated at 12:34 pm with information on website normalization)

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