Burkina Faso: Government requests 200 kilos of gold from the mine


The requisition is based on article 16 of the Mining Code, which stipulates that “mining or extractive installations and extracted substances cannot be requisitioned or expropriated by the State except for reasons of public utility and subject to fair and prior compensation fixed by agreement of the parties or by an arbitral or common law tribunal”.

The decree indicates that, according to the mining code, the gold produced by the industrial gold mining company of Mana, in the amount of 200 kg, is requisitioned for public need.

The industrial mining company will receive compensation corresponding to the value of the gold requested, according to the source.

The execution of the decree is the responsibility of the Director-General of the National Agency for the Supervision of Mining and Semi-Mechanized Operations, according to the Minister of Mines.

Since 2009, gold has become Burkina Faso’s main export.

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