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How to Invest (Right) in Bitcoins Using Strategy and Risk Management

Conrado Navarro speaks in a simple and intelligent way about the best strategy to manage your assets, whether they are secret currencies like bitcoins or other assets. Risk management, investment portfolio and Strategies in Direct Treasury, CDB or LCI/LCA: Which is better? How to choose?

Conrado Navarro clearly and simply explains the difference between fixed income and shows how we should create a portfolio that takes into account our goals, terms and risk profile. “Poor Dad” for the first time, about ten years. behind. At that moment I had a flash in my mind: “Have I never thought about this before?” It was a torch passing over my head. I believe that hundreds of thousands of people who read this book in Brazil must have felt the same way.

The point is that more and more people are waking up to the possibility of making a new truth. If in the past few people knew what to do to be successful, today the information needed to accomplish this task is available in books and on the internet, for anyone willing to learn.

Gradually, many Brazilians realized that, in order to be financially secure, they needed to invest in increasing wealth and generating income. If before the common Brazilian put his money in savings and a few separate ones invested in real estate, today we can see a growing interest in other investment vehicles.

In recent years, there has been a significant number of small investors entering the stock market, purchasing shares or buying and selling shares directly on the Stock Exchange. Investors with very different profiles begin to find a sea of ​​opportunities representing the Stock Exchange.


To help investors who wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Stock Exchange, I presented the book “Technical Analysis Manual: Essence and Advanced Strategies” (Novatec Editora). Through this project I want to pass on to the student the necessary information to become an investor in technology.

Anyone who has read Robert T. Kiyosaki’s “Investing Guide” and “Rich Young Rich Dad” series should know the importance of being a technology investor. The author states that the average investor only makes money when the market goes up and often loses all his gains when the market goes down. But a tech investor has the ability to make money both up and down.

A technology investor is able to learn the moves of a large number of investors and therefore wants to invest in their footsteps. This way, you take potentially profitable positions and protect yourself from big losses through risk management.


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