It will be important to leave savings and pension plans open to the third tier




So far, the questionnaire has shown the resilience profile of many Brazilians. Gilberto Poso, superintendent of asset management at HSBC, who works with retail clients, observes that the profile of investors is often unknown. “We saw that many clients are capable of taking big risks”, he explains. “Most savings are received through ATMs. Imagine a customer standing in front of an ATM, which means danger for him, answering questions,” he said.

In the area of ​​private banks, the beginning of the questionnaire was full of resistance, said the director of Bradesco Private, João Albino Winkelmann.

Today, however, the situation is different, with more tranquility after the sale. In the center, 5% of customers have not changed, 16% are old-fashioned, 30% are moderate, 29% are considered bold and 20% are violent. “The qualification is instructive, but it does not remove the obligations of the parties”, said Winkelmann.

All measures taken to increase investor knowledge are important and can make a big difference down the road. In the next.

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