Financial system stability is consolidating social development


The statements were made by the Secretary of State for Budget and Public Investment, Juciene de Sousa, at the closing ceremony of the postgraduate course in public finance management given to 110 civil servants.

Juciene de Sousa recognized that trainees are now much better prepared for the exercise of their responsibilities as public servants.

“It is very important that all those who intervene in the definition, execution and supervision of Public Finance policies speak the same language and master the best applicable scientific, technical, legal, institutional and deontological practices”, he said.

According to the person in charge, without the commitment and technical quality of all those involved, it would not have been possible to follow this path, which, from 2020 onwards, has known the challenge of overcoming a pandemic and which has been hovering since the beginning of the last year, the uncertainties generated by the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“We have to remain unshakable on this path, which will only really be traveled when we are capable of translating the gains we are achieving into a broad and irreversible improvement in the living conditions of Angolans, with more jobs and income, more and better education and health and all the conditions for every Angolan to prosper”, said the manager.

The official also highlighted the improvement of the quality, in time and manner, of the General State Account (CGE), a domain for which the knowledge acquired throughout this postgraduate course competes.

“There is still much to do, but the fact that we are already meeting the deadlines for submitting the General State Account to the National Assembly and the Court of Auditors strongly contributes to increasing citizens’ confidence in institutions and in the way they are managed the resources available to the State”, he maintained.

He said that, in addition to the deadlines, which are undoubtedly very important for the correct administration of public resources, the General State Account is today a more robust and more transparent document, the result of the recommendations of the Court of Auditors and the way in which they are received in the budget process, reliability of financial and equity statements, and information management and control systems.

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