Finance in Giros: Complete Guide for your Company




However, according to Sebrae, the lack of resources has been one of the biggest challenges for Brazilian companies in the current market situation. With that in mind, in this article, we present some tips from your company to access safe lines of work. So have healthy financial growth. Then


In this sense, operating costs are essential for organizations to cover day-to-day costs: Emergency costs; Asset resettlement; Equipment maintenance; Fixed costs (water, electricity, telephone, internet, wages, etc.); Payment of taxes, etc. To better understand the concept of working capital, consider two main points: Current Goods In short, round goods are rights and more expensive goods. That is, those that are able to generate cash in the short term, such as assets, receivables, transfers, etc.

These include, for example, the 13th salary, vacations, taxes, rents, loans, among others. operating expenses – Dinheirama Credit: Pexels What is the operating cost?

By having savings to operate, the entrepreneur avoids debts and unforeseen events. In addition, you still receive benefits such as: Peace of mind regarding the Tax Authority through timely payment of taxes, fees and taxes; Immediate stock replenishment; An organized and equitable financial management structure; It offers financial benefits and flexible payment terms to customers. How to calculate operating cost?


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