AGT implements improvements in the submission of the remuneration statement


According to a note from the institution to which the JA had access, in order to modernize the technological infrastructures, the AGT developed updates in the submission module of the monthly statement of remuneration for the Tax on Income from Work (IRT), making it more simple, intuitive, thereby improving the experience of taxpayers.

According to the AGT, the basis for the module’s design were several feedback from taxpayers, when they experienced the submission of the monthly statement of IRT remunerations.

These improvements are also linked to difficulties in handling, due to the excess of data requested and the delay in submission, according to the director of the Office of Technologies and Information of the AGT, Álvaro da Rocha.

“Given the constraints reported by taxpayers, the AGT implemented improvements, providing a practice similar to that experienced with the Tax on Motor Vehicles (IVM)”, said the official.

For Álvaro Rocha, AGT brought the IVM approach, as the platform was well accepted by taxpayers, “so we decided to replicate this positive experience”, he clarified.

“At the time of submitting the remuneration maps, taxpayers will notice the change in the layout and flow, that is, in the steps for submission and consultation”, he informed.

In turn, the technician from the Information Technology Office, Sócrates Muquepe, said that the AGT added, in this module, a strategy for processing large file maps, “that is, processing a large number of files, to speed up the response of the Taxpayer Portal”.

In addition to the changes, taxpayers will also be able to submit a simplified map and will have one more way of submitting declarations – submission by copy.

“As soon as the system has a prior declaration, taxpayers will be able to copy a declaration, making it easier to fill in”, said the technician from the Information Technology Office.

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