Mozambican rapper Azagaia dies


According to information released by the family, the artist died of a possible attack of epilepsy, a disease that he had suffered for some years.

“He had an epileptic seizure in his room when he was resting. He was at home alone with the electrician who was doing the work, he felt the need to rest and told the electrician to slam the door when he finished the work, when the electrician finished he knocked the door and he didn’t answer. In fact he suffered from epilepsy, he always fainted and when the family was around they took him to get some air”, said a source close to the artist.

The source explains that the information circulating about the possibility of having fallen from the roof while carrying out a domestic task does not correspond to the truth, explaining that the brother found him dead in the bedroom.

“His brother arrives, the electrician explains what happened, the brother pushes the bedroom door and sees that he had already passed out some time ago. That’s not what they’re saying, if anyone was on the roof it was the electrician”.

Azagaia received a diagnosis of a brain tumor in 2014 and at the time announced that he needed to undergo treatment that would include a surgical procedure to remove the tumor, which would need to be done outside the country.

His team created an internet fundraising campaign, “Help Azagaia”, which managed to raise more than 790,000 meticais, equivalent to approximately 20,000 euros, which were needed for the treatment.

Mozambican rapper of social intervention, he started his career in 1999 in the rap group Dinastia Bantu, with which he released the CD Siavuma in 2005. The following year he started his solo project and released, in 2007, his first original album Babalaze ( which means “hangover” in the Changana language) by Cotonete Records. The release became a sales record on its opening day.

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