INE confirms the execution of more than 800 works in various categories


According to INE, there was a decrease of 13.6 percent compared to works in progress between the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2022.

In the distribution of works in progress, INE informs that the top goes to the provinces of Luanda with 39.85, Huambo (10.39), Cuanza-Sul (8.54) and Huíla (6.19), representing a distribution from 39.85; 10.39; 8.54 and 6.19 percent.

Works by purpose, by province, INE informs that they fall under residential works with a total of 3,452 dwellings, 444 for own use and mixed purposes with 105 works.

In the category of housing works, Benguela ranks first with 19.39 percent, Cuanza-Sul (14.08 percent), Luanda (12.79 percent) and Malanje 10.44 percent.

In the self-consumption variable, the provinces of Uíge stand out with 20.83 percent, Huíla (19.30) and Lunda-Sul (10.31) and Bengo (10.31).

In the Mixed Purpose category, the provinces of Huíla, Uíge and Luanda stand out with 15.71 percent, Lunda Sul (12.96) and Cuando Cubango (11.11).

As for jobs by type of builder, they are classified by private company with 15, professional/master builder (193) and family (25), while the analysis was done by category by province.

With regard to jobs by type of private construction company, the provinces of Luanda stand out with 40 percent, Bengo and Cabinda (13.33).

In the Professional/Foreman variable, Luanda stands out with 37.82 percent, Cuanza-Sul (13.47), Bié (9.84) and Cuando Cubango (9.33).

In the Family category, Luanda occupies the first position with 36 percent, followed by Huambo a Uíge (16) and Cuanza Sul (8).

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