Why don’t we take good care of our money



The reason we don’t take good care of our money

In financial education, there are two specific categories of research, namely ethical finance (science of financial psychology) and technical finance (investment techniques and financial multiplication).

They are compatible, and getting to know each other could mean damage to your pocketbook (or at best, slow growth in your bankroll). But we are emotional beings and, therefore, the greatest weight in terms of falls falls on moral costs.

You can understand even better which social responsibility is better for you to invest your money in, as the country’s yield curve drops and you think you have medium term goals, but if you don’t have the necessary savings discipline, your goal will never be reached.

There are several saboteurs on the path to healthy enrichment. Some of them are within you, some are in the pitfalls of use, some are pressured by society to see success (status), etc.

If you don’t follow the simple rules of personal finance, spend less than you earn, and invest regularly and wisely, you won’t achieve your goals. Even worse, you could find yourself in debt and even lose it completely.

Financial education means knowing how much it costs, but also evaluating the impact of purchases on family income from the moment of acquisition. Simple math, some effort and common sense can help at this point. Just research the prices, maintenance conditions and costs that will incur in the purchase. It takes work, but ultimately it’s about finding your money’s worth. Or not?

When buying a car, remember that you will have to pay IPVA, driving license, mandatory insurance, fuel, parking, washing, maintenance (protection and repairs). Not to mention the reduction in inventories, which accelerated the normal arrival of new types of vehicles. Be careful, do the math well and make a safe decision. When in doubt, avoid buying.

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